Using oil as part of a daily skincare routine dates back centuries. Before we got caught up with creams, toners and serums for just about every crease, oils reigned supreme for their potency, multipurpose functionality and earthly sources. We encourage you to go back to the basics and experiment with powerful, multi-use oils and experience them firsthand. 


The key to using oils is the application technique + finding oil(s) that match your skin type! Here are a few tips for applying oils:
Moisturizer - Apply 3-6 drops of oil to your beautiful face in the morning and evening after cleansing (or even try oil in lieu of a cleanser). Gently massage the oil into your skin moving your fingers in circular motions.
Makeup Remover - Apply the oil directly to the face and/or eyes and gently wipe with a facecloth or cotton pad.
Cleanser - Pour several drops of oil into your palm. Rub your hands together to warm the oil and then smooth it over your face. Massage the oil into your pores. Then use a warm water washcloth gently across the face to remove the oil. Rinse with warm water.
Bath Oil - Add a few drops to the tub for a moisturizing bath experience 
Body Oil - After bathing, apply oil liberally all over. For an extra fancy experience, warm the oil and give yourself a full body massage (known as abhyanga in Ayurveda) before bathing.
Foot Treatment - Apply oil on feet before bed and put on socks for safety. In the morning you'll have lovely results!
Massage Oil - Give yourself or loved one a treat with an organic massage oil
Frizz Release - Oil is a GREAT frizz-fighter for steamy days or unruly flyaways. Smooth a few drops on frizzy areas or dried ends for an easy, immediate tamer. The men in your life can also use oil as a beard or facial hair smoother.
Hair Mask - Apply evenly throughout hair in the evening and rinse out in the am