CBD Balm - Chamomile



Your new favorite eco-friendly and multi-functional CBD balm stick helps to soothe muscles, joints, lips, and skin. Perfect for those with sensitive skin since this blend contains zero essential oils [which can irritate sensitive skin], and just a hint of sweet chamomile extract. The blend of beeswax and argan oil applies smoothly, absorbs easily and doesn't leave a waxy or oily residue.


Each balm has 100 mg of full spectrum CBD. Our CBD oil is lab-tested, organic, hemp-derived, non-psychoactive, and contains less than 0.3% of THC.


Our potent balm includes full spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), house infused arnica flowers, argan oil and blue chamomile oil, all known for their restorative and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Chamomile fields in the summer, sweet, warm, relaxing


The tube is 100% compostable + recyclable, and pushes up like a push pop


Beeswax 1, Argan Oil 1, Coconut Oil 1,2, Olive Oil 1, Arnica Montana Flower 1,  Full-spectrum hemp CBD extract 1, Chamomile Extract 1

1. Certified Organic
2. Certified Fair Trade


"I have a big problem with this stuff, it smells TOO good, but really, it works for pain. On my second tube"

Daughter of the Land Promise

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100% Organic

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Cruelty Free

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Sulfate Free

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Recyclable + Compostable

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Paraben Free


Essential Oil Free

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1. Push up the balm and gently glide on areas of need.

2. Repeat as necessary.

Full Spectrum CBD: A whole-plant extract that contains all the synergistic cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils and other compounds of the original plant known to help reduce inflammation + pain in joints,muscles, and skin as well as helping to reduce acne. 

Argan Oil: A luxurious oil cold pressed from the nuts of the argan tree, helps to improve skin permeability and assist with other ingredients penetrating the skin barrier.

Arnica: Yellow flowers known to heal bruised and painful skin and muscles.


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