Lindsey Baatz

"I love shopping at farmer's markets to support local businesses."
Lindsey is DOTL's newest do-it-all team member! She's originally from Pennsylvania, is a great team player, and loves Christmas almost as much as she loves her cat Oliver!
DOTL: How do you reduce your impact on the planet on an everyday basis?
Lindsey Baatz (LB): It wasn't until I moved to Seattle two years ago that I realized how much of an impact I have on the environment. It's a little sad that reducing your impact is not a standard way of living (or even talked about) across the country. So while I'm still learning, right now I love shopping at farmer's markets to support local businesses. I get most of my furniture secondhand and I'm also eating less meat! I'm trying to make reducing my impact more of a lifestyle, rather than just temporary moments.

DOTL: What is your favorite place in nature?
LB: My favorite place in nature is by far anywhere near the ocean. For some reason I feel most myself when I'm near the coast. I love how unexplored it is. There's something really cool about how the ocean connects so many types of people on the different continents it touches.

DOTL: What's your favorite plant these days?
LB: My favorite plant is any plant I can keep alive for more than two months :)
I also love any type of palm plant. It reminds me of my time living in Charleston, South Carolina. I love how certain elements of nature can connect you to an entirely different place in the world.

DOTL: Do you have a favorite skincare product?  What is your skincare routine?
LB: The Oil!!!! I have spent years battling with my dry skin. When I started to incorporate oils into my routine, I loved how they made my skin feel, but it only lasted for a few hours. That's why I love The Oil. It keeps my skin hydrated all day! I also love it for underneath makeup to work with a glowy base. It works super well for removing makeup too.
My world was also rocked when I tried the CBD Balms for the first time. They have helped with every type of mild pain (headaches, stiff neck, sore muscles, cramps and sore feet)!

DOTL: Who inspires you?
LB: Right now my friend Rachel Waldorf is inspiring me. She's working to create a self-made career and prioritizes her passions. It's inspiring that on top of a full-time job, she dedicates so much time to her side hustles. She's inspired me to figure out what I'm passionate about and get back into photography! She's fearless in how she presents herself. She's shown me that you don't have to know everything or be the very best at something to put it out into the world. (Even though her stuff is amazing!) If you want to do something, just start doing it. You'll figure the rest out as you go!

DOTL: Any morning rituals?
LB: Morning has become my favorite time of day in my ripe old age of 26. I was actually inspired by the previous interview with Katina Mountanos, and how she keeps her phone on airplane mode in the morning. I think that is going to be a huge gamechanger in starting the day off with a clear mindset.

DOTL: Anything else you'd love to share :)?
LB: I'm super excited and honored to continue working with DOTL. It's so cool that this is my job and am happy to be a part of this community!

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