Katina Mountanos

"For me, this starts with being conscious about every choice I make"
Katina is a wildy impressive entrepreneur and good friend! She's the founder of On Adulting + co-founder of a new creative space startup called Daydreamers.  We're eternally impressed with how inspiring she is. She currently lives in Brooklyn!
Daughter of the Land (DOTL): How do you reduce your impact on the planet on an everyday basis? 
Katina Mountanos (KM): For me, this starts with being conscious about every choice I make. That ranges from how I get rid of waste (we have a tiny composting bin in our freezer!) to the stuff I choose to buy each day to bringing my reusable mug on my daily coffee run - not just for my own environmental impact in the moment, but to inspire others around me. This is all said with the grounded knowledge that each action we take can help improve our world, but we don't need to become overwhelmed by this possibility. We are humans, after all. And, each day I try to do the best that I can.
DOTL: What is your favorite place in nature? 
KM: I recently moved back to New York City from San Francisco, and I miss the beauty of the Bay Area so much. My favorite place in nature is definitely Mount Tam in Marin County. It was the first hike I did on the West Coast, and became my grounding escape. And, I got engaged there a few months ago - so it holds many memories for me! 
DOTL: What's your favorite plant these days? 
KM: This is such a cool question. I've been adding Ashwagandha to my morning coffee each day, and I've noticed such a difference in both my mindset and my hair/skin/nails. 
DOTL: Favorite skincare product + what is your skincare routine?
KM: Of COURSE my favorite skincare product is from DOTL!!! I've been obsessed with The Oil since I tried it a few months ago; especially because my schedule has been so busy lately, so I know I can count on bringing just one product with me for hair and skin. I have a pretty brief skincare routine in the morning, but at night I typically: wash with Tula Purifying Cleanser, spray with Indie Lee's toner or Cocokind's Rose spray, lather on The Oil + finish off with a cooling jade roller from CAP Beauty.


DOTL: Who inspires you? 
KM: Oh wow! I honestly really try to look for inspiration wherever I go - whether that's a stranger on a subway, the way my puppy interacts with something new, or the way a tree looks at the park. But (not to be a mush), my fiance, Dupi, is a constant source of inspiration for me. We co-founded Daydreamers together, and working on both professional and personal projects together is such a dream. We approach life so differently, but in oddly similar ways. I love seeing things from his point of view.
DOTL: Any morning rituals? 
KM: YES! As an entrepreneur, morning rituals are major for me. I outlined my morning in detail here - but a few non-negotiables for me are: a few moments in silence / morning meditation, grounding myself with scents (essential oils, palo santo or candles), cleansing my body with practices such as light yoga / warm water + juice / rolling out muscles, and not checking emails until all of this is done! Stopping the scroll and turning on airplane mode in the early morning has drastically changed my perspective.
DOTL: Thank you for sharing your journey! 
KM: Thank you so much for including me in this! I'm so honored to be part of this community. I would love to invite you to join the On Adulting community as well - say hi at @onadulting or on The Space

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