Danielle Brock

"We also bought a used, but in-perfect-condition Soda Stream from Craigslist so that we could cut down on our La Croix addiction." 

Danielle is a multi talented, art curator, event producer, and yoga teacher based in Brooklyn, NY

Daughter of the Land (DOTL): How do you reduce your impact on the planet on an everyday basis?  Danielle Brock (DB): I decided at the beginning of the year to really focus on reducing waste and making a month-by-month plan to integrate new habits into my household.

While my partner and I were doing some basic things before, I felt it was time to get more serious about it!  So far we've started composting, which is extremely easy in our Brooklyn neighborhood because the DOS provides our building with a compost bin! We just gather items in our freezer and then take them to the bin outside.  

We also bought a used, but in-perfect-condition Soda Stream from Craigslist so that we could cut down on our La Croix addiction.  

We were already pretty good at using tote bags at the supermarket, but I started stashing a couple bags at my office, for the times when I go straight from work to the grocery store.  I also bought a bunch of small cloth bags for fruits, veggies, and bulk items - a few of those are stored at my office as well as at home.  

I bring my lunch to work just about every day and use a variety of reusable containers for food or mason jars for coffee/liquids. Plus you can always store your waste in the jar and then bring it home to your compost bin! I also bring forks/spoons/knives from our Ikea silverware set at home with me for eating on the go. But I keep losing them, so it might be time for a travel-friendly bamboo silverware set. Plus, living in NYC, I don't have a car and travel mostly by public transport or walking. 

I'm also vegan, which some say is the most impactful way to reduce your carbon footprint. (source)

Next up on my list: A really good Bento-box style, leak-proof container, so I don't have any excuses for not bringing my meals with me. Same goes for a good thermos. And then, it's time for a Diva Cup. 

DOTL: Favorite place in nature? DB: The ocean. Always the ocean.  

DOTL: What's your favorite plant these days? DB: Rosemary, wild sage, rose. 

DOTL: Do you have some favorite skincare products/what is your skincare routine? DB: I have very sensitive skin, so try to use all clean beauty products. I use quite a few Cocokind products, which I highly recommend - super clean and they are certainly trying to reduce the packaging waste. One of their facial cleansers even comes in a sugarcane tube! I use their chia seed oil as a daily moisturizer, mymatcha stick as a daily lip and under eye moisturizer, and chagaglo as a highlighter along with RMS Beauty's uncover up for days when I want to wear makeup. I also use Evan Healy's rosehip serum daily for hyper-pigmentation and keep a bottle of Osea's Hyaluronic Acid Sea Serum in my cabinet to use now and again - I find it really helps the oils absorb into my skin when it's cold out.

DOTL: Who inspires you? DB: Anyone who is authentic. I think it's a rare and vulnerable thing to do.  

DOTL: Any morning rituals? DB: Celery juice, tea, a few moments of reflection and planning out my day. Some movement if I have time!


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