Sarah Ruth O’Mealia

"My favorite place in nature is my front porch"
Sarah's a dear friend from Seattle. By day she's a UX Researcher, by night shes a writer, organizer, feminist, cook, and lover of the planet. 


Daughter of the Land: How do you reduce your impact on the planet on an everyday basis?

Sarah Ruth O'Mealia: A few of my favorite practices for reducing my impact on the planet take place in the kitchen. I rely heavily on quality dish towels instead of paper towels, I buy cheap silverware from the Goodwill instead of using disposable stuff when hosting, and I put a watering can under my drippy faucet to catch water waste. 

In addition to this, I’m trying to take a step back and just understand the small piece of the planet that I’m inhabiting right now.

What is the tree in my front yard? Who is the bird that hangs out in that tree?  Who are the spiders who take over my yard in the spring? Who are the ducks that come to the lake each winter? I’m finding that expanding my knowledge and intimacy with my bio region is adding a lot of depth and meaning to my daily practices.

DOTL: What is your favorite place in nature?

SRO: I used to think that I had to drive to a National Park to experience nature. But just because humans have developed land doesn’t mean that nature goes away. So my favorite place in nature is my front porch, where I can watch people walk by, crows congregate, hummingbirds flutter, bumblebees pollinate, and rhododendrons bloom. 

DOTL: Do you have a favorite plant? 

SRO: Roses! The last house I lived in had a few mature rose bushes around it. They were the most fragrant flower I had ever smelled! One in particular smelled like pink lemonade. I put them all around my house last summer, and then started using rose everything. A natural rose smell can be so bright and delicious!

DOTL: Any favorite skincare products or a daily your skincare routine? 

SRO: I’ve become obsessed with the DOTL CBD Balm in Cypress. It’s my favorite chapstick but also I put it on sore muscles and dry elbows!

As for my skincare routine, my skin is dry AF so I usually use an oil cleanser and some face lotion -- I like Drunk Elephant Protini when I’m feeling spendy. I also use Herbivore’s Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion once a week. 

DOTL: Who inspires you?

SRO: A few years ago I started hosting a meet up of women in my community where we discuss compelling topics and ideas. These women inspire me endlessly! They are all so different -- with various careers, backgrounds, perspectives, and passions -- yet each time we get together they come with open hearts and a willingness to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is SO not easy, and I’m in awe of the honesty they bring to the table every meeting!

DOTL: Any morning rituals?

SRO: I’m a morning person, so I’m always out of bed before my husband, Sean. I walk our little dog, Riker, and then let Riker take care of getting Sean out of bed. In the meantime I make coffee in our Chemex and turn on our local radio station, KEXP. We drink our coffee and eat breakfast together while reading a book or the news. It’s not a particularly spiritual ritual, but our slow mornings are my favorite part of the day.

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